When you lose a loved one

Whether you are the spouse, partner, child, parent, sibling or friend of the deceased, there are necessary tasks and decisions that must be made when a loved one dies.

However, these decisions do not have to intrude completely on your need for solitude or quiet reflection and can be made less stressful. Having assisted many people in similar situations, we know that you will undoubtedly have questions. You are dealing with issues and emotions you may never have faced before. Over the next few months, you will need to make important choices that you may feel unprepared to make.

Thatís why we are here, to help you through this difficult time, so you can make decisions that are beneficial to you. To that end, we have included sections on:

  • How to Take Care of You
  • How to Prioritize the Things You Need to Do
  • Documents Youíll Need and Suggestions on How to Find Them
  • Sample Letters for You to Copy and Send as Needed
  • Making Sense of Tax Issues
  • Additional Resources