Your Retirement ... Laid Out Before You
Darren believes in the power of great dreams. A successful retirement is not a hope or a wish - it is the fruition of carefully created goals and written plan.
Boyer Retirement Group gives you an easy-to-understand retirement plan ... a plan that is unique to your life.

The plan considers your current investments, projected investment contributions, your
401(k) or TSP, Social Security benefits, and other notable cash inflows or expenses. It also takes into account historical market returns, volatility, and other statistical factors. Darren and Jessica are even able to calculate the required minimum distributions you will need to take at age 70.

With this information, you will be able to forecast the results of your  retirement plan during the peak of a bull market or during the trough of a bear market. From this projection, we can arrive at a probability of success.
During the implementation process, Darren and Jessica will help you determine how much retirement income is sufficient, which retirement accounts to tap first, and the order of withdrawals that will have the least adverse tax consequences.

With this farsighted plan, a significant amount of the guesswork is eliminated. As your retirement begins and proceeds, you will be able to measure your progress and compare expected returns to actual returns. This tracking will help you make enlightened decisions in asset allocation and distribution planning, giving you greater confidence for the future.